Acute Anal Fissure


Acute anal fissure is a superficial wound on the inner anal edge that causes stinging with defecation and bleeding at the end of the stool. The most common causes are constipation, diarrhoea, long bowel movements and long sitting hours.


The treatment is carried out by modifying the diet and hygiene habits, using ointments with restorative effect and, in case of contraction of the anus involuntary muscle, by applying ointments with relaxing action.

In case of frequent relapses or persistence after applying correct measures and therapies, it is necessary to rule out less common causes of anal fissure such as inflammatory bowel disease or infectious disease.

Symptoms of an anal fissure are often confused with the haemorrhoid symptoms, and in many cases, patients use anti-haemorrhoidal ointments that do not bring any improvement. An untreated anal fissure may become chronic, the symptomatology worsens and its treatment is more complex.


If properly diagnosed and early treated, an acute anal fissure will heal in a short time. To correct its cause is often the main key to treatment.

Expert opinion

Dr. Domenico Fraccalvieri

Dr.  Domenico Fraccalvieri

The anal fissure may heal without treatment in a few hours. If symptoms persist more than 24-48h, a specific one may be necessary and the assessment of a proctologist recommended.


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