General Medical Examination

Prevention is the secret to a long and healthy life

General Medical Examination

Preventive medicine is a medical specialty whose aim is to avoid the occurrence of disease and to heal it once it has occurred.

It aims to detect and localise diseases that have not yet occurred but that we know will appear, as well as to treat existing diseases at an early stage so as to avoid its development.

Disease prevention, its diagnoses and early-stage treatment are the best means of achieving a long and healthy life.

Clínica Planas´s preventive medicine and early detection unit, directed by Dr. Ruperto Oliveró, consists of a large, multidisciplinary team of specialists who are solely dedicated to carrying out medical check ups. It boasts state-of-the-art technology for the diagnosis of any disease or lesion. Clínica Planas´s services and equipment enable patients to carry out all their medical tests at the same centre and on the same day.

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