Correction of the earlobes

The earlobe can be reduced and made more harmonious

Correction of the earlobes

The ear contributes significantly to the facial contour harmony. The procedures performed in it have frequently a high aesthetic impact. The most common operation in auricular plastic surgery is the correction of pinning or protruding ears. However, the earlobe itself may cause an aesthetic dissatisfaction due to different reasons.
The earlobe can be reduced and made more harmonious.

This surgery is usually performed in patients with torn earlobe or elongated by the weight of earrings, or the use of expanders; as well as in those who simply have a too bulky lobe. Both problems can be solved in a relatively easy way.

The earlobe surgeries are usually carried out under local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis, so hospitalization is not necessary. Generally the size of the lobes is decreased using skin flaps or wedge excisions, and the scars are very well hidden.

After surgery, the patient may return to his/her social-working routine immediately since the area is only covered with a small dressing. Earrings can be worn again after a few weeks.