Cutaneos Revitalization RICH

A vitamines injection to the face

Cutaneos Revitalization RICH

Rich is a new skin treatment that makes the face look more luminous and younger.
It is made up of various products that, by means of minute cutaneous injections in the areas most affected by the ravages of time, such as the face, neck, upper chest and the back of the hands, the signs of aging can be reversed.
The basis of these products is made up of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, antioxidants, as well as molecules with a great ability to hydrate the skin. Water loss in skin cells is one of the most important complaints when skin ages.
These products provide particles that hydrate, as well as stimulating the cell cycle to capture water, achieving younger cells.


Firstly, the skin is prepared; cleaning the facial area to be treated to ensure it assimilates the vitamin complex completely and acts dynamically and uniformly. Then small injections of different products are made; a second application being required one week later.

After one month, the results need to be checked to see whether another application is required.

Finally, six months after the last session, the doctor makes a final assessment in case a further injection is needed.

The Rich treatment is a powerful cell regenerator that offsets the signs of aging immediately.

1. It firms up the skin.
2. It stimulates muscle activity thanks to its tightening effect.
3. It increases skin elasticity, reducing lines.
4. It has an anti-oxidizing effect and stabilizes the cell membranes, repairing damage caused in collagen by free radicals.

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