Removal of dark circles

Eliminates unsightly dark circles in a non-invasive way

Removal of dark circles

Nanofat is an innovative non-invasive method of aesthetic medicine that uses a minimal fat extraction from the own patient to correct the unsightly dark circles around the eyes.

What is nanofat?

It is a technique that allows us to obtain a fatty tissue with the classical method of liposuction under local anesthesia, to subsequently emulsify the fat from a syringe to another one repeatedly with a connector. Thus, it becomes a more liquid product, easy to handle so as to inject it later with very thin needles in the area to be treated. This tissue keeps the properties of its stem cells in order to obtain skin rejuvenation.

What are Nanofat indications?

Its basic indication is to rejuvenate the skin; however Nanofat has the particularity of being injected in the skin layers; so, it not only corrects depressions and wrinkles, but also improves skin pigmentation. Therefore, its use has been very popular for the called dark circles and for the skin rejuvenation of the periocular and perioral areas, as well as for the aging treatment of the skin cleavage and hyperpigmented scars.

What is the recovery time required?

As it is carried out under local anesthesia, it is really a non-invasive and traumatic procedure. There is a minimum discomfort where the fatty tissue is obtained and only a slight swelling in the area where the graft is performed, which disappears a few days after. The patient can go back to regular life the same day of the treatment.