Capillary growth factor

Stimulates hair growth

Capillary growth factor

The Capillary Growth Factor is a technique of Active Capillary Biostimulation, that uses Platelet Rich Plasma, both therapeutic and preventive, whose objective is to stimulate the growth of new hair and to prevent the loss of the existing one.

It is a non-surgical treatment, which involves the application of "Plasma Rich in Growth Factors from the patient’s own blood" using micro infiltrations in certain areas of the scalp.

The application of the Growth Factor in the hair follicle will help, among other processes, the transformation of collagen type I into collagen type III and the formation of new blood vessels, stimulating the new hair growth and the loss prevention of the exiting one.


To obtain plasma rich in growth factors you simply need a small volume of blood from the patient, put it into tubes with an anticoagulant, separate the plasma fractions by controlled centrifugation and then use the plasma rich in growth factors, whose cells contain some granules (Alpha) very rich in growth factors. Although the infiltrations are well tolerated, topical anesthesia or local cold can be applied before starting the session in order to avoid any possible inconvenience. The number of sessions will depend on the level of the patient’s hair loss, although usually 2 or 3 sessions per year will be enough to stimulate tissues and hair growth. Once the treatment is finished a light redness may appear, but it diminishes within the following few hours.

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