Feminizing Mentoplasty


The aesthetic evaluation of the face must be carried out according to the three-dimensional relationship between each of its different areas. Therefore, its bone structure, such as cheekbones and chin have a great importance.

An insufficient chin distorts the facial plane and the contour of the mouth, and also shortens the depth of the neck. With the chin augmentation surgery we can soften the profile, enhance the mouth and lips and; in general, achieve more feminine and balanced features in those people whose chin is not very prominent in relation to their nose and the rest of the face.

A protruded chin is inadequate in female facial aesthetics and therefore its correction is especially important in women and in gender reassignment.

Today, chin surgery is carried out in a personalized way and custom-made for each patient. Through a 3D analysis of the face, the maxillofacial surgery team of Clínica Planas may propose a unique and specific treatment for each patient.

Surgery duration

30 minutes


Not required


1 day







What does it consists of?

Chin augmentation can be performed with the same procedures that cheekbones are. In this case, the placement of the implants is carried out by the endobuccal approach, so no scars are left.

There is also the possibility of increasing the chin with the own fat.

This surgery may be associated with the facial bone contouring surgery so as to improve the shape of the jaw or cheekbones.


The facial change after chin surgery is extraordinary. Proportions and facial harmony are restored.


The specialist will assess your health condition and quality of skin and prepare your medical history. Thus, he/she will decide the technique to be followed in your case.

As with other facial surgeries, the skin condition is important for its success.

In the case of the chin, oral disorders should be ruled out.


Just one day of hospitalization is usually required, unless it is a procedure combined with other surgeries that need additional time.

This kind of surgery has a fast recovery and discomfort rarely appears; therefore, the return to daily life and work is almost immediate.

After the implant, a careful disinfection of the area should be maintained, especially if the implant has been carried out by endobuccal approach. Oedema may persist some time, and may be improved by lymphatic drainage massage.

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