Facial Implants


The facial skeleton shapes the "scaffolding" where the facial "mask" rests, and conditions the appearance of the face. Slightly marked or asymmetrical mandibular angles can alter the harmony that gives beauty to the face. Very marked nasolabial folds (around the nose and upper lip) give an aged appearance to the face. These and other alterations can be corrected by using facial implants.

Facial implants provide an unnoticeable permanent solution that allows shaping "the pillars" of the beauty of the face.

By using the new technological advances we can design and create personalized implants adapted to the needs of each patient so as to achieve the optimal results.

Surgery duration

1 hour


4 hours - 1 night


1 week


Local with sedation or general


1 week



What does it consist of?

Before performing any procedure that involves a facial aesthetic change, it is essential to have a detailed facial analysis that reflects the concerns or requests of each patient.

By using 3D technology, a personalized diagnosis and digital simulation of the face is carried out so as to show and familiarize the patient with its therapeutic plan.

This technology allows the design and creation of personalized custom-made facial implants for the patient, and obtains predictable and high accurate results.

To place the custom-made implants, approaches are made in non visible areas, (for example, an intraoral approach) to avoid any visible scar.


Advanced Facial Diagnosis with 3D CT.


Strict oral hygiene
There is a temporary residual facial oedema that reduces a 60%-80% during the first weeks.

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