Planas Experience Center


Discover the possibilities of surgery before it happens. Fall in love with your new body figure.

We want to accompany you to make such an important decision. We invite you to the Clinica Planas Experience Centre, a place where all your doubts about breast implants can be clarified.

In a personalized session you can find out more about surgery, implants, and see with augmented reality how your breasts will look after surgery.


The Planas Experience Centre is an area where we welcome patients who are considering breast augmentation, so as to accompany and help them in making such an important decision.

In some cases, after the surgeon’s visit you may have some doubts. At the Experience Centre we will clarify all the doubts related to the aesthetic side of surgery. It is a personalized session in a cosy space, where you are the “main character”. It is designed and intended for you to discover all the possibilities of surgery before it happens, solve all the doubts about breast implants and see with augmented reality how your breasts will look after surgery.

You will know first-hand the manufacturing process of implants and the technology applied, checking how each implant is created individually with loving care, by highly qualified people and under the strictest quality controls. You will be able to see different materials, textures and sizes, as well as to perform a test with special bras to see their effect, and experience how they fit.

You will also live a digital experience with Eve 4.0, a new technology that will show you how your breasts look after surgery, through augmented reality that follows your movements in real time. A very real approach to the look you really wish.


Eve 4.0 brings you a digital experience that shows you an image of augmented reality of how your breasts will look after surgery.

Know everything that Eve 4.0 can offer you through this video.

• Augmented reality that follows your movement in real time.
• Try different sizes in seconds to get the look you want.


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