The Jaime Planas Foundation, in collaboration with the Spanish Association Against Cancer announces the I Photo Contest BCB

The Jaime Planas Foundation, in collaboration with the Spanish Association Against Cancer announces the I Photo Contest BCB

In collaboration with the Spanish Association Against Cancer, the Jaime Planas Foundation has organized the I Photo Contest (Breast Cancer & Beauty). The call was opened on Friday 8 June and photographs will be accepted until September 15th. A book will be published and an exhibition will be organized with the works of the 17 finalists. The contest is endowed with 9,000 Euros.

For the first time, the Jaime Planas Foundation, along with the AECC (Spanish Cancer Association), has launched the first Fine-art Photography Contest BC&B addressed to all professional and amateur photographers, who want to display their work. The theme of all photographs must be related not only to the breast cancer but also to beauty; since the competition aims to raise awareness, educate and give hope, as well as to think about femininity and breast cancer, the most common tumor in Western women.

The call was opened on Friday June 8 and work can be delivered until September 15th. Professional or amateur photographers interested should access the Jaime Planas Foundation website ( / contest-of-photography-breast-cancer-and-beauty) for the conditions of the call and deadline submissions. Works must meet certain requirements set out in the website and should be sent via email (

Among all the photographs received, a jury of experts (who will remain secret until the verdict) will choose 17 finalists. The contest is endowed with a prize of 9.000 €. The 17 finalists will become part of the Photography Collection of the Jaime Planas Foundation and their works will be published in an artistic and supportive book; and an exhibition will be organized the week of October 19th (Day of Breast Cancer) to display the works and raise funds. These funds will be allocated to the program “Mucho x vivir” of the Spanish Association Against Cancer for comprehensive care for women diagnosed with breast cancer.

About 22.000 new breast cancers are diagnosed in Spain annually. So, this photo contest is included in a project undertaken by the Jaime Planas Foundation to raise society awareness about this disease and offer their bit to improve the quality of life of women who have suffered from this type of cancer.

About the Jaime Planas Foundation

The Jaime Planas Foundation is a nonprofit organization that aims to continue the educational work that Clinica Planas has been performing since 1971. It was founded in 1990 by Dr. Jaime Planas, introducer and pioneer of the specialty of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Spain. The Foundation has positioned itself as a leader of research and promotion of the specialty.

The objectives of the Foundation show its vocation for education, and further technical, professional and scientific training. To contribute to the education and training of new professionals, and to the knowledge of the newest techniques, the Foundation hosts several resident doctors during the year through numerous grants. And every two years it organizes the International Course on Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, which this year presents the eighteenth edition.

Since 1998, the Jaime Planas Foundation actively collaborates with the AMREF organization for medicine and research in Africa, sending medical and surgical care to the Sub-Saharan countries. Another project promoted by the Foundation is Athena, a program through which the medical team offers Breast Reconstruction Service to those women without financial means, who have had breast cancer and benefit from the project through the Foundation.

The AECC, 59 years of experience in the fight against cancer

The AECC is an NPO (Non Profit Org.), private and of public interest that has been 59 years working in the fight against cancer. The AECC consists of patients, families, volunteers and professionals working together to prevent, raise awareness, accompanying persons, and fund cancer research projects that will enable better diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Structured in 52 provincial boards and present in more than 2,000 Spanish towns, the work of the AECC is developed through more than 15,000 volunteers and 718 employees under a philosophy of partnership with health authorities, scientific institutions and other entities pursuing a similar purpose to that of the Association. This is always under the principles of independence, professionalism, transparency and closeness.

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