Surgery of the Parotid Gland


The parotid gland is a salivary gland located on the lateral side of the face, and produces saliva. The parotid gland, together with the submaxillary and the sublingual glands are known as the major salivary glands.

Pathologies of the salivary gland can be more frequently infectious or inflammatory, as well as benign tumours. They also may increase in size in the context of some systemic diseases.

Tumours of the parotid gland are usually benign and may appear in the salivary glands located on both sides of the face.

They frequently appear as small lumps in the lower face, next to the ear lobe.


For the correct diagnosis it is necessary an imaging test (cervicofacial CT), and if possible, a puncture for diagnostic purposes: FNPA (Fine Needle Puncture Aspiration).

Parotid Hypertrophy

The usual indication is that of the patient diagnosed with HIV, who can present hypertrophy of the salivary glands.

That is to say, an increase of volume at a bilateral facial level may occur as a result of the increase in size of both glands.

They may be treated definitely by carrying out a bilateral surgery of both glands through aesthetic and minimally invasive incisions.

What does it consist of?

This gland is important due to its relationship with the facial nerve and its anatomical position on the lateral side of the face.

It is necessary to perform surgery with extreme care when the nerve is dissected to avoid an adverse effect in the postoperative period.

It is also convenient, and Clínica Planas is a referral centre, to carry out this surgery through an aesthetic incision similar to that performed in facial liftings, which allows to be safe with a minimal incision almost invisible once it is healed.

The incision is made following the pinna line and it is hidden behind it, in the same way of the aesthetic approach in facial lifting.


The parotid gland surgery performed by a maxillofacial surgeon expert in this pathology is a safe procedure that will allow you to treat the problem without sequelae, with the best functional and aesthetic results.

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