Hybrid Breast Augmentation


Although breast augmentation with implants is still the most frequent surgery performed, the augmentation with own fat is increasing its demand, especially in patients who wish a natural result. The combination of both treatments in a hybrid breast augmentation offers us a very interesting new option, with excellent results in terms of size, shape and the most important, a natural touch.
The breast implant will allow us to achieve the desired volume and projection and the fat will help us to hide the edges and folds of the implant, soften the contour, modify the shape and correct the asymmetries.

Surgery duration

2 hours


24 hours


1 week






Long last results


The hybrid or combined breast augmentation surgery can be carried out on an outpatient basis (day hospital) or with admission of 24 hours, depending on each particular case.

First of all, the fat from the chosen area (abdomen, cartridge, flanks) that doctor and patient have jointly decided before is removed, according to the patient’s wish and anatomy. This fat is centrifuged to preserve the adipocytes of good quality and the maximum number of stem cells.

Then, breast augmentation with implant is carried out and fat is infiltrated afterwards, in order to finish sculpting the tailor-made breast so as to obtain the best possible natural result.

Minimal Scar Concept

The possibility of using a more moderate size implant (between 200-285 cc) combined with fat, allows us to reduce the scar to the minimum size. At Clínica Planas we use first quality breast implants, which let us deform them and restore their initial condition later, and make possible to reduce the size of the incisions to 3-4 cm.


-    It allows a size reduction of the breast implant, since part of the desired volume is achieved with fat.
-    Less residual scar, since the implant is smaller.
-    More natural result, since the own fat improves the shape of the breast and allows to hide the edges and folds of the implant. The result will be noticed but not surgery.
-    It improves body contour of the fat donor areas.
-    Personalized and tailor-made augmentation, since breast can be sculpted according to the desired shape.


-    Want a breast augmentation with the most natural touch.
-    They have asymmetrical and narrow breasts.
-    They do not have enough breast tissue to cover the implants.
-    They wish a marked neckline in the upper part of the breast.
-    They do not want a big implant and want to avoid scars.
-    They also have an area with resistant fat that wish to remove.

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