Post-operative Programme


A post-operative programme is specially designed for each surgery, using the most up-to-date equipment and technology of the moment in order to recover post-surgery as quickly as possible.

It especially helps reduce pain, swelling and inflammation, hydrates skin and helps recover the skin´s natural tone, it increases the specifically localised and overall muscular tone. In addition, depending on the surgery carried out, it can also improve posture, help respiratory volume return to normal, stabilise joints and improve and tone pelvic floor muscles and abdominal wall.

A versatile team at your service

When the professionals that give shape to this programme have the best training and the best commitment to the patient, maximum effectiveness of this programme is obtained. Our team of Surgeons, Nutrition and Regenerative Medicine Specialists, Personal Trainers, Specialists in Body Therapies, etc. belong to the highest sector in their field of study, and continuously maintain their training. The different post-operative programmes have been made very specifically according to the type of surgery carried out.

The strength of this programme comes from uniting a team of professionals that interact constantly with each other with one committed goal: patient satisfaction and concrete results.


Depending on the type of intervention, different treatments are carried out:

  • VACUSPORT - negative pressure chamber: For years this method has helped improve blood flow in astronauts, who suffer long periods of weightlessness in space. It has been refined in order to provide us with an unprecedented system that can be included in health programmes, cosmetic programmes, high performance programmes and rehabilitation programmes. Sessions spent in our VACUSPORT chamber will help to heal and reduce inflammation more rapidly, as well as obtaining a better circulatory system. This up-to-date technique can be found exclusively at Clínica Planas. 
  • Ionocare: Ionocare uses ´purified´ oxygen, which helps to improve the general appearance of the skin, reducing inflammation, strengthening the immune system and improving enzymatic processes. 
  • CAPSULOBLAST: Preventative sessions of external ultrasound can be carried out in order to try to avoid capsular contracture or hardening of the breast prostheses. 
  • Indiba Deep Care: Tissue repair. Working to regenerate and reduce inflammation of tissues. 
  • Skin hydration: Cosmetic treatments aimed at hydrating and healing skin as soon as possible. 
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage: Helping to accelerate the healing process by allowing a fast reduction in swelling and reducing or eliminating post-operative discomfort.
  • Personal Trainer, Global Postural Re-Education (RPG or GPR) and Hypopressive Exercise: The Personal Trainer will advise what the ideal programme will be in order to maximise the surgical results, the general state of fitness, muscular tone and posture. 
  • Visit from Body aesthetic medicine specialist: The specialist will advise on the best way to maintain the surgical results. 


The goal is to achieve the fastest postsurgical recovery which strengthens and improves the results.

Expert opinion

Dr. Jorge Planas

Dr. Jorge Planas

For certain surgeries such as breast augmentation or reduction, there are different treatments such as Vacusport, Ionocare and Indiba that work as tissue repairers helping to heal and reduce inflammation.

Curriculum Blog

Dr. Gabriel Planas

Dr. Gabriel Planas

After any type of surgery, it is important to maintain healthy eating habits and practicing moderate exercise on a regular basis, because it will help you to maintain long term results besides providing general health welfare.


Dr. Carlos del Cacho

Dr. Carlos del Cacho

It is helpful and advisable to care the skin after certain procedures such as liposuction. Lymph drains will help you to restore the normal condition of the surgical area, and will allow a faster absorption of the oedema as well as the reduction of the postoperative discomfort.


Dr. Mike Dewever

Dr.  Mike Dewever

The postoperative program will help a faster recovery after surgery and allow you to achieve the results earlier. For each surgery there is a personalized program adapted to the individual needs of each patient.


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