Breast Uplift

Recover a turgid and firm breast

Breast Uplift

Excessively sagging breasts or ptosis is mainly due to excess volume, although it is also frequent after many pregnancies due to the skin stretching. Breasts are organs made up of glandular tissue, fat and skin and lack bone and muscular support. They are, therefore, only supported by the skin that covers them. This means that, very often, the skin cannot keep the breasts upright on its own, especially if they are large and heavy.


Correcting sagging breasts consists of raising the areola and nipple, and shaping and firming the breast. In this operation it is not necessary to remove any mammary tissue if the breast is not too big, only the excess skin. The result is a firm, well-shaped breast.

Dr. Jorge Planas explains the results

With no doubt, breasts are one of the most important elements of feminine beauty and the emblem of motherhood for women. The aesthetic assessment of size and configuration of the female breast is closely related to ethnic and cultural factors; but, in fact, to have beautiful breasts is a normal whish, so a change in its shape may have psychological effects that should not be underestimated.

Dr. Jorge Planas

Dr. Gabriel Planas explains the results

Women who have a dropping breast after breastfeeding or simply over the years, often say "I can't go braless". With this surgery we raise the breast again, and although the residual scars are not short, they are well tolerated by patients.

Dr. Gabriel Planas

Dr. Carlos del Cacho explains the results

In general, these surgeries have a pleasant postoperative. They are not painful and the possible discomfort is easily controlled with common analgesics. Patients leave the clinic with a bra as a dressing and they may have a normal activity, except for those movements that affect the breast directly.

Dr. Carlos del Cacho

Dr. Artur Carbonell explains the results

Breast uplift surgery allows recovering breast aesthetic and femininity, which due to several reasons, such as pregnancy or breastfeeding, have led to sagging and loosening breasts. Breasts will recover the right shape and projection. It is important to know that after surgery some residual scars will be hiding over time and your surgeon will do the best to remain them unnoticeable.

Dr. Artur Carbonell

Dr. Jaume Masià explains the results

Breasts play an important role in the identification of women and men with the feminine condition, in a way that it is a great satisfaction for women to achieve or regain beauty and harmony of the breasts.

Dr. Jaume Masià