Dr. Ramón Abad

Dr. Ramón Abad


Place and date of birth: Barcelona, 1950

Doctor specialist in digestive and expert in digestive endoscopy and echo endoscopy

Bachelor in Medicine by Faculty of Medicine at Universidad Autónoma of Barcelona


Residence at the digestive endoscopy unit of the internal medicine department of Hospital Universitario Valle de Hebrón of Barcelona (digestive endoscopy department, at present)

Specialist in gastroenterology specialty in public health by sitting a competitive examination in 1977

Develops his professional activity at the following locations:

Hospital universitario valle de Hebrón. Barcelona ( 1975-1981 )

Hospital general de Mollet del valles ( 1977-1984 )

Hospital de la Santa Creu de Vic ( 1985-1987 )

Hospital general de Vic ( 1987 - 2011 )

Clínica Quirón. Barcelona ( 1982 - 1987 )

Clínica Teknon. Barcelona ( 1987 - 1994 ).

Centro Médico Teknon. Barcelona ( 1994 - 2004).

Clínica Cima. Barcelona. ( 2004-2011).

Clínica Planas Barcelona. (2009-2011)


Hopital Heduard Herriot, Lyon.

Brigham and women´s hospital. Boston

Yale University School of Medicine.

University General Hospital. Leuven.

University Hospital Agostino Gemeli. Rome


I have collaborated different teams with which I have worked in over 300,000 endoscopic tests.

Scientific Societies

Member of Sociedad catalana de gastroenterología

Member of Grupo Español de eco endoscopia

President of Asociación de Endoscopistas de Catalunya (endocat)

links : www.endocat.com


In addition to basic diagnostic endoscopic techniques (fibrogastroscopy and fibrocolonoscopy) he has developed other endoscopic techniques such as:

Retrograde cholangio-pancreatography transduodenal (cpre)

Placement of surgical percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube for feeding

Diagnosis and treatment of early gastric cancer (Early Gastric Cancer) by endoscopic mucosectomy

Polypectomy of large polyps in both gastric body and colon. The total treatment of colon cancer (not requiring surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy) is 16% of all colon cancers diagnosed in the last 5 years

PH-monitoring study of 48 hours, by placing telemetry endoscopic xip in the lower third of esophagus.

Echo-endoscopy since 1994: Especially radial echo-endoscopy with small probe for detection of early tumours of the digestive system

Endoscopic prosthesis placement (esophagus, pylorus, bile duct, and colon)

Stenosis dilation by savary probes and pneumatic balloons

Treatment of achalasia by per endoscopic balloon dilator

Inserting and removing gastric balloons for obesity


Invited to teach postgraduate courses and classes for the pathology chair of the Faculty of Medicine at the Universidad Autónoma of Barcelona

Assistant and / or speaker at numerous courses, symposiums, discussions and conferences both national and international

Collaborator in publications and congresses, journals and books in the field