Cheek Surgery

Re-establish the balance

Cheek Surgery

Facial apperance is evaluated according to the three-dimensional relationship between its different zones. That is why its bone contours and particularly cheeks and chin play such an important role in harmonizing and balancing facial beauty.


Cheeks can be augmented using solid silicone implants, whose placement leaves no visible scarring as this is carried out through the mouth.

Another option consists of taking advantage of incisions made for blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery, if this is being carried out in the same operation.

It can also be done via lipoinjection, i.e. injecting fat extracted from the same patient via liposuction.

The fat is previously centrifuged so that only intact fat capable of surviving is injected, thereby ensuring permanent results.

In addition to skin, the surgery also concentrates on the muscular, bone and fat structures of the face, achieving more natural initial results and a longer lasting effect.

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Dr. Jorge Planas explains the results

Cheekbone surgery gives a new beauty to the face. Changes after aesthetic facial surgery are spectacular, the features are redefined and all the proportions change for the better. The result is an excited patient to see his/her new look.

Dr. Jorge Planas

Dr. Carlos del Cacho explains the results

After cheekbone surgery, the facial features are harmonized, the interplay of light and facial shadows are completely new; even under a professional light, the differences in light absorption of the new contours make the transformation clear.

Dr. Carlos del Cacho

Dr. Artur Carbonell explains the results

Cheek implants to correct a lack of development, help to harmonize the facial features, looking for an essential balance for the beauty of the face.

Dr. Artur Carbonell