Polylactic Acid

Smooth skin

Polylactic Acid

As part of the natural aging process, the skin loses its smooth, flat and young aspect and some flaccidity and wrinkles signs appear. Also, the fat tissue diminishes and the face slims down.
Thepolylactic acid´s infiltration flats wrinkles and, thus, face has a younger appearance.

Among the properties of polylactic acid, we should outline that it is biocompatible and biodegradable, so it has no risk to produce allergies.


This treatment is especially advisable for skins with lack of volume due to the aging process and with deep wrinkles. It is also advisable on cases with deep scars or any other skin defect that implies the lack of volume.

Before each session, it is necessary to clean the treated area. Afterwards, small injections of polylactic acid are realized. These infiltrations are made under the skin and act on its deepest layers.

Three months later, the patient comes for consultation again and a second session of injections is done. Usually, two sessions are enough to achieve the expected results. In case a third session is necessary, it will be done six months after the beginning of the treatment.

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