Dark Patches and Tattoos

Uniform skin without patches

Dark Patches and Tattoos

One of the latest applications of laser technology is to eliminate tattoos and dark patches that can appear on the skin of the face, upper chest or hands, often associated with aging and whose main cause is prolonged exposure to sunlight.
The laser destroys the excess pigment without damaging the skin, so tattoos and patches disappear leaving the skin intact and with a uniform tone.

This technique is quite painless, does not require anesthesia and does not leave any scarring or marks.
Its application varies according to the age, skin type and pigmentation of the patient and, in tattoos, to the type, size, coloring and depth of the mark.
Normally one or two ten-minute sessions are all that is required to eliminate the undesired pigmentation. However, tattoos may require more sessions, with a minimum rest period of two weeks in between.

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