Hair Growth Factors

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Hair Growth Factors

Hair is essential to our image. That´s why hair loss can lead to anxiety and affect our self-confidence. Hair loss has also been interpreted as a vexing sign of aging, although there are also many young people who suffer from this complaint. Baldness is not only an aesthetic problem, as it can also have repercussions on personal well-being. Alopecia, the medical term for baldness and its process, affects both men and women, although the former tend to suffer more intensely and more frequently. The process may start at 18 or 20 years of age and can be seen initially in the brow hairline ? the so-called "widow´s peak" ? and/or at the crown of the head. The causes of hair loss are various. They are mainly due to genetic and hormonal factors (accounting for 90% of the cases) but can also be caused by stress, burns and some illnesses. People have tried unceasingly to find a solution to hair loss. In fact, there are various options that can relieve it temporarily and more or less effectively, but with little acceptance due largely to their transitory and non-permanent nature. The definitive technique, with the most satisfactory results, is micro-grafts of individual, natural hairs, backed by more than 30 years´ development, and has achieved unprecedented success. This technique leaves no visible scars, as the implants are made hair by hair or in small groups of two or three. The donor zone is not marked either, as the surrounding hair camouflages the very fine scar line at the back of the neck.


The current technique consists of extracting hair from the same patient from the sides or neck, where it never falls out (for genetically determined reasons) and placing this in the affected zones.

Once implanted, and after a period of 3 to 5 months, it will start to grow normally at a rate of 1cm a month.

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