Clínica Planas successfully hosts the Second Multidisciplinary Conference on Lymphedema

Clínica Planas successfully hosts the Second Multidisciplinary Conference on Lymphedema

Leading specialists in the treatment of lymphedema such as the Japanese Professor Isao Koshima, Dr. Jaume Masià and Dr. Corinne Becker gave presentations and offered their views regarding treatments in the Jaime Planas Auditorium yesterday to an audience of more than 170 delegates. The event was available to follow on Twitter via the user @clinicaplanas and the hastag: #linfcp. For non-users of Twitter who are interested in the day´s highlights a pdf can be downloaded here.

Barcelona, March 1, 2012. The Clínica Planas Auditorium has played host to the Second Multidisciplinary Conference on Lymphedema. More than 170 people attended the conference including teaching staff and professionals of different specialties who treat the disease, as well as Associations that provide assistance to patients and those affected by the disease.

The use of lympho-magnetic resonance imaging to locate the functioning lymph channels and the discovery of new donor zones with zero risk for causing secondary lymphedema have been the main developments in lymphedema treatment.

The event, which was part of the 2nd European Conference on Supramicrosurgery held in Barcelona on March 1st and 2nd, had a dual purpose. Specialists presented the main developments in lymphedema treatment, while delegates were able to hear and share the different points of view of the individuals and specialists who specialise in lymphedema treatment.

In recent years, huge developments have taken place in the world of microsurgery, achieving major breakthroughs in the understanding of microvascular anatomy and the lymphatic system. The key developments that were presented during the day relate to discoveries that enable more effective surgery to be carried out, without side effects. One of the most important, and which opens up new therapeutic possibilities in the treatment of lymphedema, is the use of lympho-magnetic resonance for the location of functioning lymph channels.

Professionals also explained that new donor zones have been discovered where there is no risk of causing secondary lymphedema when the ganglion transfer is carried out. This zone is none other than the web space between the big toe and the second toe. Undoubtedly, these developments offer new perspectives to the treatment of lymphedema, a side effect of cancer, which is suffered by many people in this country but is becoming increasingly less disabling.

Planas Clinic Advanced Breast Reconstruction, Lymphedema and Microsurgery Unit

Clínica Planas offers an Advanced Breast Reconstruction, Lymphedema and Microsurgery Unit, led by Dr. Jaume Masià. The unit is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of professionals who work together in order to achieve excellence in its treatment results. Furthermore, when Clínica Planas was created, together with the Sant Pau Hospital (Barcelona), Necker Hospital (Paris), Gent University Hospital (Gent), Helsinki University Hospital (Helsinki) European Cancer Institute (Milan) Queen Victoria Hospital (East Grinstead) and the Tokyo University Hospital (Tokyo), it formed part of the International Framework for the Surgical Treatment of Lymphedema. This is a programme formed by the world´s leading lymphedema groups aimed at optimising and establishing treatment protocols to help solve the condition. Beginning with just five participating hospitals, the programme has now expanded to include 20 hospitals around the world.

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