Since 1998, the Jaime Planas have actively collaborated with the NGO for medicine and research in Africe, AMREF, sending medical assistance to sub-Saharan Africa countries and providing surgical care to patients with congenital malformations, burns, wounds caused by wild animals, car accidents or any issue related to the plastic surgery speciality.

This work involves many hours of travel and effort to provide specialised care to patients in remote hospitals. In addition to surgical treatments, our surgeons give lectures to the health staff from these hospitals who don\'t have access to this type of service due to the remoteness of their location.

Currently, only 10% of surgical treatments considered necessary are carried out in East Africa. This humanitarian and solidarity work would not be possible without the collaboration of groups that facilitate our work by providing new ideas, materials, or donations which helps towards our achievements.

The Jaime Planas Foundation in Africa

The Jaime Planas Foundation actively works with AMREF by sending plastic surgeons to countries in Sub-Saharan Africa to train local doctors and provide surgical care to patients with congenital malformations, burns and other problems related to the speciality of plastic surgery.

In his last trip, Dr. Jorge Planas carried out various plastic surgery treatments in Africa, while local doctors watched on. The Jaime Planas Foundation is scheduled to make two more help and training trips this year.

Reconstructive Surgery in the Third World

Since 1998, the Jaime Planas Foundation has worked in sub-Saharan African countries offering medical and surgical assistance to the most needy people. The foundation doctors, specialised in plastic and reconstructive surgery, treat burns, congenital malformations, traumas and wound.

The Jaime Planas Foundation and the NGO Amref have undertaken a humanitarian mission on Pema Island, situated to the north of Zanzibar, on the Tanzanian coast.

The foundation was founded by Jaime Planas, pioneer of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Spain, and aims to help society trust them and support patients in their work place throughout their career.

Since 1998, the Foundation, with the help of Amref, has been working on the Africa project, offering medical care in sub-Saharan African countries and providing surgical care to patients with congenital malformations, burns, wounds caused by wild animals or car accidents.

Plastic surgeon Daniel García Aparicio has been in the area, treating 43 patients in eight days. The majority of them needed treatment from a plastic surgeon due to serious injuries. In the end, eleven patients were operated on. The others couldn’t be operated on because of their low level of haemoglobin and the effects of malaria.

The majority of the patients treated were children with significant burns, congenital malformations and injuries caused by accidents, trauma, infections and tumours.

Daily danger

According to Dr. García Aparicio, many of the injuries occur accidentally because women normally cook on the street, in brass containers and with highly flammable liquids The high number of malformations is due mainly to nutritional poverty, genetic factors and ingesting toxic products.

The Jaime Planas Foundation is a private charity organisation, based in Barcelona, which started its activities in 1990.

The work entails many hours of travel and effort to provide specialised care to patients admitted to remote hospitals. As well as surgical treatments, the surgeons give lectures to healthcare staff in these hospitals.

The system created by the foundation has helped people who suffer physical and psychological problems who, for economic reasons, can not access this type of treatment or surgery. It\'s currently estimated that only 10 percent of necessary surgical treatments are performed in Eastern Africa.

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