Micropigmentation Oncology

Micropigmentation Oncology

Great developments have been made in micropigmentation. It is no longer used just to enhance the facial features, highlight the eyes, populate the eyebrows or define the lips. It is also effective in camouflaging scars or creating complete areolas in the case of breast reconstruction.
Micropigmentation can be a great help to women who need to undergo chemotherapy, as it can be used to simulate the hair of the eyebrows and eyelashes, which fall out during the chemotherapy process.
One of the biggest concerns of women undergoing chemotherapy is hair loss, including the loss of eyebrow hair and eyelashes. This makes it difficult for them to lead a normal social life – going to the pool, beach or gym without fear of rubbing your face and erasing the pencilled line. Micropigmentation is your best friend in this situation, allowing you to ignore the lack of eyebrow and eyelash hair. It is amazing to see how, using the technique to build up hair by hair, you can often end up with eyebrows that are more beautiful than your own.
Baldness in the eyelashes can be disguised by shadowing the area around the eyes, restoring life to the gaze once again.
Note that this technique is contraindicated during chemotherapy, so it is best performed beforehand.


Micropigmentation is a technique derived from tattooing and involves the insertion of pigment under the skin using dermography. Two to three applications are required for best results and the process involves three steps: we study the patient´s face; make a drawing on the treatment area to establish the best position and form for each case; and then carry out the micropigmentation.

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