Gluteal Augmentation

The secret of fim gluteous

Gluteal Augmentation

The wish to correct imperfections and to improve our image is natural both on men and women. Gluteous is an area that has been acquiring more importance on latest years and its improvement can be done using special prosthesis that are chosen for each case in particular.


An incision is made in the fold between the buttocks, thereby hiding the scar. This is used to insert special implants for this zone, at a subfascial, submuscular or intramuscular level, depending on each case and the volume required.

The results are natural-looking and are noticeable after 2 months, although the final results will not usually be seen until a year later.

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Dr. Jorge Planas explains the results

Our experience tells us that after undergoing a gluteal augmentation, the patient feels very satisfied because the scar is perfectly hidden in the fold of the buttocks, the area has improved significantly, and the tissues become firm again. In the case of women, whose natural shape of buttocks is "flat", this surgery solves an aesthetic problem which, according to my experience, causes many complexes.

Dr. Jorge Planas

Dr. Gabriel Planas explains the results

The results are highly satisfactory, the profile of the area improves significantly, and tissues become firm again. In the case of women whose natural shape of buttocks is "flat", this surgery solves an aesthetic problem that can cause some complexes.

Dr. Gabriel Planas

Dr. Carlos del Cacho explains the results

So often, it is the patient who comes to consultation with a previous idea (shape) of what he/she wants to achieve.

Dr. Carlos del Cacho

Dr. Artur Carbonell explains the results

The gluteal zone is an area that has become more important in recent years and its aesthetic improvement can be achieved through the use of special implants, chosen for each specific case, with natural results.

Dr. Artur Carbonell