Dr. Ruperto Oliveró

Dr. Ruperto Oliveró


Member number of Colegio Oficial de Médicos: 6.570

Place and date of Birth: Barcelona, 8th August 1948

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at University of Barcelona (Hospital Clínico). 1966-1971. Bachelor’s rate: excellent

Resident of intensive care of Hospital del Valle Hebrón 1972-1974

Specialist in intensive care and coronary care units

Specialist in internal medicine

Specialist in medicine of company


Auxiliary Doctor in Intensive Care of Hospital del Valle Hebrón 1975-1990

Auxiliary Doctor of Coronary care Unit and internal medicine Service at Clínica Quirón 1974-1986

Head of Internal Medicine Service and Intensive Care at Clínica Teknon 1987-1993

Co-founder of Centro Médico Teknon. Internal Medicine, cardiology and intensive care department. 1994-1995

Head of preventive medicine at Centro Médico Teknon 1996-2002

Consultant in internal medicine and cardiology at Clínica Planas since 1978

Head of internal medicine, cardiology and preventive medicine of Clínica CIMA from 2003 to December 2008

Consultant in preventive internal medicine and cardiology at Centro Médico Teknon since January 2009