Liquid Facelift

Non-surgical lift effect

Liquid Facelift

The liquid facelift is the latest rejuvenating facial treatment. This is a new technique based on injections that increases volume, elevates tissues, flattens wrinkles, hydrates and improves the quality of facial skin.
It is a global facial mesoplasty, applied on a customised basis depending on the individual patient’s needs. It uses two substances: hyaluronic acid (reticular in 90% of cases); and hydroxylapatite (mineral present in bones). These substances are injected via cannulas at different depths and with ascending vectors.  


After an initial consultation, a diagnoses is made, taking into account the results of the image analysis provided by the IOMA system (this quantifies, for example, the depth of wrinkles). Then, the face is divided in three sections. The first section runs from the eyes to the hair, the second section from the eyes to the mouth and the third section from the mouth to the jaw. Each section is evaluated independently to establish whether the wrinkles are superficial or deep wrinkles, how much volume has been lost and the quality of the skin. A treatment is then designed according to the findings of these analyses.
The first step of the treatment is to restore lost volume and generate ascending vectors. In the first section, the temple, wrinkles around the eyes and wrinkles between the eyebrows are treated. If volume has been lost in this area down to the deepest layers, the treatment will not just achieve a more harmonic line, it will also raise and tighten the cheekbones and cheeks (it will lift the tissues).

In the second section, the nasolabial fold and the chin area are treated. If the chin area is flattened, some vectors will be done to return firmness to this area (cheekbone) and achieve a lifting effect.

The third section is treated on older patients, basically improving the jaw line by redesigning and defining it.

Liquid facelift is carried out under two anaesthetics: topical and local. Both are well tolerated and collateral effects are minimal: a discreet edema which lasts for two to three days days and some bruising for between five and ten days.

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