Skin rehydration

A hydration and collagen boost for the skin

Skin rehydration

Rehydration with intradermal injections is a very new technique. It involves infiltrating the skin with hyaluronic acid to help prevent aging, thus delaying the formation of wrinkles and restoring the skin´s hydration and elasticity. Hyaluronic acid is present in a healthy dermis to maintain the skin´s elasticity and hydration. Over time its concentration in the dermis decreases. This treatment is carried out when skin most needs hydration, such as after prolonged exposure to sun, wind or rain, or after practicing outdoor sports like skiing or boating. It is also highly recommended for smokers or those who work indoors.
Hyaluronic acid attracts large quantities of water, like a molecular sponge. It also stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin and acts as a powerful antioxidant by blocking free radicals. It is a very safe treatment and its effects are evident from the very first session.
Treatment usually consists of between two and four sessions depending on the state of the skin, each session separated by a two- to three-week period. Maintenance sessions can then be scheduled every three months.


Before the hydration treatment can be carried out the skin must undergo a deep cleaning and degreasing routine. An anaesthetic cream is then applied to reduce the surface sensitivity of the treatment zone. The intradermal microinfiltration process (infiltration of the skin using very fine needles) with hyaluronic acid can then begin in the treatment areas: face, neck and upper chest.

Treatment is finished off with a sterile cryo mask, which gives comfort and freshness to the skin and prevents the formation of any redness or bruising.

Treatment lasts for about 20 minutes and you can resume normal activity as soon as the session is over.

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