3D simulator for breast augmentation

Now you can use our virtual simulator to see exactly how you would stay after a breast augmentation intervention.


Clínica Planas announces its XIX INTERNATIONAL COURSE on PLASTIC and AESTHETIC SURGERY that will be held on June 17th – 19th, 2015


The most prestigious plastic surgeons of the world, among which Dr. Jorge Planas and Dr. Jaime Masià, meet in Switzerland to debate on the future of regenerative surgery and medicine. The second edition of the world summit of plastic surgeons was held on the 3rd and 4th of September in the clinic La Prairie, in Monteux, Switzerland.

Video of the operation of breast augmentation

In this video we can watch a breast operation, as they are realised in our clinic, from the beginning up to the end, with all details. It also includes an interview with the surgeon, Dr. Jorge Planas and with the patient, in which they comment the process extensively. Access to the Spanish version

The extraction of a polyp today may avoid a colon cancer tomorrow.

Colon cancer is one of most common cancers. If it is diagnosed in its early stages, healing percentages can be up to 100%. Clínica Planas offers you its preventive medicine and early detection unit, whose aim is to anticipate events.

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Clinica Planas celebrates its 40th Anniversary with Jordi Pujol and Ferran Adrià as guests of honor

Xavier Trias, Mayor of Barcelona; Boi Ruiz, Minister of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Miquel Vilardell, President of the College of Physicians of Barcelona, and Ana Ripoll, Rector of the UAB attended to celebrate this important anniversary.

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Carme Ruscalleda and Clinica Planas create an Antiaging Menu

Eating healthy to slow the aging process and enjoying an exquisite cuisine at the same time. This is the challenge achieved by Clínica Planas and Moments, the gourmet restaurant of Mandarin Oriental.

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First center to validate the protocol for extraction and storage of stem cells

Clinica Planas, the first center to validate the protocol for extraction and storage of stem cells from liposuction fat.

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New system developed by Clinica Planas which allows the secure placement of endogastric Balls

Dr. Ramon Abad Belando, responsible for the Endoscopy Unit of Clínica Planas digestive has a security system for the placement of balloons for obesity endogastric of his own invention, which gives rigidity to the ball and run it safely to the stomach.