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Corporal volume re modelation

Lipostructuring - Coleman

As we grow older, the fat under the skin, in the subcutaneous tissue, gradually disappears especially on the face and hands. The changes that take place in an elderly person´s face, such as sunken or cadaveric eyes, lack of volume and definition around the cheekbones and the jaw, are due to the gradual loss of fat and the subsequent sagging of tissues. To overcome the effects of the aging process and others that have to do with the lack of body volume, such as poor development of cheekbones, chin or buttocks, we carry out a filling technique using fat.



Lipostructuring is the technique that enables us to provide volume in different areas of the body using the patient´s own fat as a filling material. The infiltration technique using the patient´s own fat has been used at Clinica Planas since 1998 with excellent cosmetic and restorative results in our patients. The use of the patient´s own fat as a filling material to restore and add volume or remodel the body contour makes it unnecessary to use synthetic or semi-synthetic materials that may give rise to potential complications such as extrusion and/or foreign body reaction and subsequent rejection because it is made of a foreign material.

Autologous fat is in fact the best filling material and the less harmful for our body since it is the patient´s own fatty tissue, as long as the proper requirements are met when obtaining and processing it and the proper means are used to guarantee the viability of the grafted tissue. Lipostructuring or fat grafting is a technique that can achieve stable and lasting results while preventing the fat from being resorbed in the long term.

Chin augmentation
Cheek augmentation
Buttock augmentation
Buttock hollows
Hip bone hollows
Bags under the eyes
Large hollows due to cellulites
Correction of the dorsum of the nose
Correction of sunken scars
Correction of car accident sequelae
Liposuction sequelae
Soft tissue correction after tumour removal

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