Breast Reduction

An appropriate volume

Breast Reduction

Woman´s breasts are very important to her corporal beauty as they are an obvious symbol of her female identity. An overlarge bosom is not only potentially anti-aesthetic but can also overload and damage the back. That is why mammoplasty or breast surgery is so frequent. Breast reduction or mammoplasty is a surgical technique, whose main target is the modification of the breast´s shape and size, in order it to be adequated to the patient´s funtional and aesthetic requirements.


In cases where the breasts are too large, the problem can be solved by an operation that removes the excess fat and skin and raises the height of the areola-nipple, while reducing the size of the breasts and giving them the desired shape and firmness.

When the breasts are really large and extend to the armpit, with no separation at the cleavage and they sag much more than normal, the complaint is known as gigantomastia. (In these cases scarring is greater.)