Clínica Planas develops a new slimming treatment based on enteral hospitalary nutrition and nutritional re education

Planas Enteral Diet is the non-surgical solution for those who have over-weight.

Clínica Planas develops a new slimming treatment based on enteral hospitalary nutrition and nutritional re education

Clínica Planas has developed a new slimming program in which the enteral hospitalary nutrition is applied as a sliming method.

Up to now, enteral nutrition was only used to feed patients at ICU, who were unable to eat by themselves; to feed new-borns or people with nutritional deficits.  Planas enteral diet treatment is not only a weight loss programme but also a food re-education programme. The treatment starts with a medical check up, in order to evaluate in detail the health condition of the patient. Not all over-weight patients can undergo the Planas Enteral Diet treatment. A team of doctors, in accordance with the Clínica Planas´s strict rules, will assess each patient of the most suitable treatment for his particular case. During all the process the patient is monitored by analytical and medical tests.

Two phases with a total duration of 24 days.

Planas Enteral Diet lasts 24 days
and consists of two phases. The first one of enteral nutrition and second one of nutritional re-education. Throughout the treatment the patient can continue with his normal life and activities and even carry out light exercise.

The first phase of treatment requires between one and 10 days´ admission to the clinic
. During this phase the patient is monitored by analytical, anthropometric and physiological tests. This enables us to regulate the different component quantities and formulate the personalised enteral nutrition, according to their morphological, biochemical and nutritional needs. The patient is fed via a very thin pediatric-type (2mm) nasogastric tube direct to the stomach. During this period, the patient will carry a back pack that will permit him to be fed and continue with his daily life. The second phase does not require admission to the clinic.

During the first week of adjustment he takes solid foods accompanied by nutritional supplements, allowing him to continue with a personalised nutritional intake, while progressively returning him to a normal eating pattern. The aim of this phase is the nutritional re-education of the patient. These two weeks are very important to learn how to “eat healthy”, without regaining the lost kilos. Proved benefits of Planas Enteral Diet. The fasting phase, which in this case is scientifically controlled and supported by specific customised nutrients, enhances the level of detoxification. It means that Planas Enteral Diet purifies the gastrointestinal tract and helps to reduce inflammatory and oxidative processes.