The secret of a smooth face, with no flaccidity


As time passes by, flaccidity appears especially on cheeks and neck. Nowadays there are several techniques to solve it. One of the most efficient and non-surgical techniques is radiofrequency. We have to underline that this treatment does not pretend to substitute surgery, which have special properties and deliver optimum results on certain cases, but it is an alternative for some facial flaccidity cases.
Moreover, one of the main advantages of this technique is that can be combined with other techniques to deliver long-lasting results. Thus, it can be applied at the same time as botox injections, intense pulsed light, peelings…  only if the specialized doctor recommends so taking into account each patient´s case.


Radiofrequency treatment rejuvenates the skin via the heat action. This feeling is produced by the radiofrequency energy reaching the collagen on the deepest layers of the skin. The heat immediately achieves to tighten the skin tissue reducing the aging signs, since it leaves the skin flatter, especially on cheeks, jaw line and neck.

This system is very safe and effective, since the generated heat, being very superficial, does not affect the body. Nowadays, hundreds of treatments have been done with no side effects. During the application of the treatment the patient may feel a brief heat, but this feeling does not cause much discomfort.

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