Catalysed phenol peeling


In medicine, "peel" means the procedure that eliminates one or more layers of skin in a controlled way, while stimulating the formation of new skin, with fewer lines and dark patches, a more uniform coloring, a rosy pink hue and more glow. The overall aim is to make the skin look younger.

Phenol is a chemical compound that has been used for many decades for deep peels. This compound, reformulated in the last few years, makes the treatment incredibly safe.

Thanks to its effectiveness, this treatment can be compared with surgery without a scalpel. Catalyzed phenol peels do not claim to be a replacement for a face-lift, although they are a good alternative for those patients with a lot of facial lines who do not want to undergo surgery.

Surgery duration

30 minutes


It is not required




It is not required


1 week




Phenol is applied to the skin of the face and neck to peel off the epidermis. Prior to applying the phenol, any grease is removed from the skin using a soapy lotion. The phenol is applied in zones, waiting a few minutes between applications, so that a certain burning sensation on the skin may be felt. Once all the phenol has been applied, a catalyzing gel is applied and then a gel oil or silicone gel to protect the treated skin during the next 48 hours. During this time, the skin will become edematous (swollen), darker and exude a yellow secretion. 

The most acute time of this edema occurs after 36 hours, and during this period the patient will receive a special liquid paste as nourishment. After 48 hours, the gel oil layer is removed, an epithelializing gel is applied and the patient leaves the clinic.

Four days after treatment the patient returns to the clinic for a check-up.


Catalysed phenol peeling treatment requires two days of hospitalisation.


Although this is not surgery, the treatment is carried out in an operating room under sedation.


Before treatment is carried out it is important not to expose the skin to direct sunlight for several days, as well as keeping it as moisturized as possible. 



Patients can usually start wearing make-up again and resume their normal activity approximately 15 days after treatment, taking the precaution not to expose their skin direct sunlight for the following 3 months.

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